Le deformità della caviglia e del piede e i principi dell’etica biomedica

P.M. Cattorini

Bioetica, Università degli Studi Insubria - DBSV, Varese


The medical purpose of treating the great ankle-foot deformities raises some intriguing ethical questions. First of all we have to deal with the meaning of the word “form”, which has ancient philosophical nuances and shows the value dimensions of the clinical practice, aimed to benefit a patient and not merely to repair a damaged gear. The second kind of moral dilemmas focuses the conflicting importance of the principles of autonomy (respect for autonomy), beneficence (do good, do no harm) and justice. In the contemporary pluralistic arena, clinical decisions have to be prepared through a sincere dialogue among specialists, patients, athletes and staff and they have to be rationally justified. The notions of proportionality and doping are key exemplary issues in the ethical debate. Finally, the moral integrity of the health care professions is frequently put at risk, under the pressure of fashion (not properly clinical) requests, market interests and sports societies aims.

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